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    Chenggu County Zhenhua biotechnology limited liability company two plants, located in Chenggu County Dong Mo Ye Township damiaocun project covers an area of 75 acres, building area of 26,500 square meters, with a total investment of 108 million yuan. Construction started in August 2009, built in December 2011, the existing staff of 170 people, including technical staff of 16 people. Hydrolyzate has 10 production line workshop and six hydrolysis extract lines of saponin extraction plant, with an annual output of 6000 tons hydrolyzate and saponin production of 300 tons of production capacity.
Two plants in environmental protection, the total investment of more than 11 million, the creative use of new technologies and new ways to build a set of wastewater treatment, reuse standards, a small amount of discharge of wastewater treatment systems, the ideal operating results, by the provincial, city, praise county environmental protection department, the implementation of the process, so that the full realization of two wastewater treatment plants, clean production target recycling, breaking the worldwide problem of wastewater treatment industry, much in the forefront of the industry, as the future development of the industry, has played an exemplary role.