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    Gabriel agricultural plant Shaanxi Chenggu County Zhenhua Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology limited liability company owned by an independent legal personality of farming enterprises, mainly engaged in planting mainly with turmeric, green organic vegetable cultivation, processing and agricultural Project quality agricultural trade flows. Companies registered capital of 500 million, to large-scale plantations as a standard, the use of modern advanced agricultural science and technology, the implementation of thoroughbred breeding, promotion, cultivation and processing of agricultural products; agricultural frontier science and technology for the lead, demonstration base, deep-processing technology as the core competitiveness force, the progressive realization of large-scale cultivation, production factory, standardized management, diversification mechanism to maximize efficiency, and foster new economic growth point to form a science, engineering, agriculture, trade and the integration of modern agricultural industry.
   Companies adhering to the "rooted in agriculture, service industries, promote agriculture Huimin, common prosperity and win-win" business purposes, plans Guanzhong area in southern Shaanxi and construction turmeric three acres of planting base, a green organic agricultural and forestry products base acres, of which the "Company + base + farmers "business model, in Hanzhong Chenggu County and the surrounding construction turmeric cultivation base two acres; only with the" factory "of cropping patterns, in Hanzhong City and surrounding building a standardized planting base acres turmeric, green organic a forestry product base acres, the implementation of the project will promote the development in Southern dish, fruit, food, medicine-based agricultural industry and promote local regional economic development, and to promote the great mountain farmers out of poverty.