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About us

Founded in September 1992, Chenggu Zhenhua Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in production of steroid hormone drug intermediates, with the registered capital of RMB 30 million and the total assets of RMB 420 million, as well as 460 employees including 76 middle and senior technicians and managers. Our company has established 6 branches in Hanzhong, Xi’an and Shangluo respectively, and now has developed and produced 13 kinds of steroid hormone drug intermediate products, becoming one of the largest steroid hormone drug intermediate production and supply manufacturers in China.

   Our annual production capacity of leading products: 6,000 tons of hydrolysates, 800 tons of saponin, 300 tons of dehydropregnenolone, 80 tons of 16-17a-epoxyprogesterone, 80 tons of pregnenolone, 80 tons of rearrangement products and 40 tons of progesterone. Our company can also produce dehydroepiandrosterone, hydrides, 19-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-3,17-dione, monoester, F4 and other diene downstream high-end products. Dehydropregnenolone and progesterone products have been recognized as “High-tech Products” by Shaanxi Science and Technology Agency; by virtue of high quality, 16-17a-epoxyprogesterone and DHA products have won the second prize of Hanzhong Provincial Scientific and Technological Achievement Award; saponin products have been jointly recognized as “China Accepted Top-ten Excellent-quality Saponin Brand” by China Brand Development Supervision and Management Committee and China Enterprise Reform and Management Committee, with the output accounting for 20% of the total amount in China. In 2013, our company produced 467 tons of steroid hormone drug intermediate products, finished the industrial output value of RMB 520 million, realized the sales revenue of RMB 323 million, turned in the taxes of RMB 9.28 million, and achieved the export foreign exchange of USD 3.59 million.

Li Jianguo, chairman of the board, has been engaged in steroid hormone pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, and accumulated abundant operation and management experience and good business reputations. Having been awarded “Excellent Private Entrepreneur” for many times by Hanzhong and Chenggu People’s Government, he was awarded “Provincial Township Entrepreneur” by Shaanxi People’s Government in 2002 and “Excellent Leader of Shaanxi Technological Innovation-based Enterprises” in 2006, mainly selected as “Top-notch Talent with Outstanding Contributions” by Hanzhong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in September 2008, and rated as “Provincial Excellent Private Entrepreneur” in 2013.

   In recent years, our company has successively won “Technology-leading Enterprise” and “High-tech Enterprise” from Shaanxi Science and Technology Agency, “AAA-class Credit Customer” from Agricultural Bank of China, “Integrity Unit” from Provincial Banking Association, “Non-public Economy Emphasized Contact Enterprise” from Provincial Finance Department, “Provincial Agriculture Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise” from Provincial Agriculture Department, “QC Management Advanced Unit” from ministerial units and many other honorary titles, passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, and obtained self-support import and export rights.

   With a perfect marketing network, as well as stable customers in international and domestic markets, our company has established a long-term business cooperation relationship with Tianjin Pharmaceuticals, Zhejiang Xianju, Henan Lihua, Shandong Xinhua and other large pharmaceutical enterprises in China. In recent years, our company has become a raw material supplier for steroid hormone pharmaceutical giants in many countries of the world by constantly expanding the international market, with the products exported to Germany, Netherlands, America and other European, American and Southeast Asian countries. By virtue of high product quality and good business reputations, our company has had foreign trade orders increased year by year, and foreign trade export sales soaring year after year.

With strong technical R&D capacity, our company has had our own Product R&D Center, and established “Shaanxi Diosgenin Processing Engineering and Technological Research Center” together with Shaanxi University of Technology and Hanzhong GAP Engineering Technology Center, with 39 technology R&D personnel including 26 middle and senior technicians. In recent years, our company has been devoted to deep development of downstream diene products, with ongoing research products mainly including 19-nor-4-androstene-3,17-dione, oestr-5(10)-ene-3,17-dione, monoester, F4, F5, etc. In recent years, our company has successively obtained 5 national patents, 4 provincial scientific and technological achievements as well as 4 municipal scientific and technological achievements.

 Over years of development, our company has formed unique enterprise culture, carried forward the management philosophy of “People-oriented”, and reinforced the overall quality cultivation of the staff. In the mode of “Delivery, Introduction”, our company constantly strengthens the training on business philosophy and professional quality of all the staff, to improve the total quality of our company, and motivate the staff and the enterprise to grow stronger together. Meanwhile, our company holds internal technical training, which has cultivated a large group of technical experts for our production line. In recent years, our company has attached importance to talent team construction, and constantly introduced senior technical and management personnel, reaching the preconditions of sustainable development of technological innovation-based enterprises.

To meet the requirements of domestic and foreign markets, our company has newly expropriated a 120-mu land and a 55-mu land respectively, and invested RMB 260 million to construct a diene downstream series product development project as well as a 300ton saponin and 6,000ton hydrolysate new process production line project, wherein the diene downstream series product development project has been put into production for test run since December 2013; the saponin clean production new process project has been completed since October 2012, and now has been put into normal production and operation, which realizes a major breakthrough in the same industry in terms of wastewater treatment and comprehensive utilization of resources. After the two projects are completed and reach the production capacity, our company will realizes the newly increased output value of RMB 600 million, the annual profits of RMB 50 million, annual taxes of RMB 30 million and the export foreign exchange of USD 10 million. Meanwhile, our company adopts a mode of “company + base + farmer” and a planting mode of “factorization” and plans to construct a 30,000-mu yellow ginger standardized planting base to ensure the raw material supply in the hydrolysate production line project with the annual productivity of 300 tons of saponin and 6,000 tons of hydrolysate, and now has established a 8,000-mu yellow ginger planting base.

   In the next few years, our company will enter into a great-leap-forward development stage. To stand still in domestic and foreign markets and meet the industrial requirements of steroid hormone intermediate products, our company continuously increases the R&D investment intensity of new products mainly in the international market relying on stable domestic and foreign market customers. We plan to newly develop 5 to 8 diene downstream high-end products within three years, to reach 17 to 20 kinds of product structures; by 2016, our company will reach the production and marketing value of RMB 1 billion, and the annual profits and taxes of RMB 150 million. The market share of this kind of product will account form over 20% of the total amount in China, enabling our company to actually become a leading enterprise in the steroid hormone intermediate industry of China.