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In the generic drug terminal type swam to "blue ocean"

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:32

The country's 12th five-year plan and the new tender policy has shown that in the hero's generic drug field scale theory, several hundred million yuan output value of the drug companies will not overrepresented in the near future. So many generic drug companies are looking for a way, some seeking funds to expand, some live alongside big enterprise figure, and is one of the most simple and easy way to change the generic drug sales price of the spell of this need scale strength support product sales model, from small profit even without the "red sea" tried to swim to the profits of "blue ocean", is one of the most common strokes - over the terminal marketing mode.

In the so-called terminal type marketing channels is relative, which focus on the terminal promotion, including clinical and over-the-counter (OTC) and the third terminal, etc. In the past, traditional generic drug sales simply put the product in channels, terminals, with little or no job, but also be forced to do terminal now. Through the terminal in the business to do the work, of course, can often get twice the result with half the effort, enterprise strength strong enough, also can to do, which in turn make terminal, cargo business and forcing business actively looking for partners, thus increasing enterprise to choose from. This is called "pull" on marketing.

[main point] prospective generic drug play it by ear

Generic drug varieties in the terminal type is the premise and condition of operation. First look at your product is what kind of generic drug, it is pure generic drug or half a generic drug, or generic drug. Pure generic drug after the bidding price has not much profit space for the clinical operation, can only put all your eggs in one basket to depreciate win the bid, is the nature of the market. Half a generic drug has been widely used in clinic, but the quantity is really generic drug is big, profit can also calculate, this kind of product can be used in the terminal type promotion to increase sales.

Generic drug is a vague concept, depending on different enterprises and patterns. The same variety in this enterprise is a generic drug or half a generic drug, in one enterprise can be done as a new drug, depending on the variety structure of the enterprise. By the same token, the region can sometimes determine where this kind of drugs. So, an interesting phenomenon: advertising in the same kind of medicine, some enterprises as a new product vigorously for terminal operation or merchants, some enterprises just in commercial channels.

Second, to see whether the enterprise strength. As we all know, the terminal type operation requirements in the enterprise from the capital turnover, marketing strategy, product positioning, professional planning, personnel quality, team management and promotion methods have to be quite a hard nor soft power, is not achieved overnight, want to do a lot of preparation, to put up with for a long time.

Third, we should see the similar competing goods. If competing goods quantity, less price sensitive coefficient is low, or the other strength is, can be bold attempt; On the contrary, it is possible to start the heel.

Fourth, depends on the category. Fits in the terminal type operation, especially the OTC varieties will be careful. If there is no effective to separate the UPS protection, just in general advertising or terminal publicity, no strong terminal maintenance, lane is bad to can do for others JiaYiChang.

Fifth, depends on the market. As the city's large chain pharmacies, purchasing alliance, monomer drugstores, township and village clinics can be terminal type in the promotion, but it is a far cry from operation. Large chain pharmacies and purchasing alliance need high margin products; High monomer pharmacies and township clinics need recognition, has been widely used.

Sixth, the time. Is also a broad rural market, in the past, only the price, in the terminal marketing is deaf. Now, with the improvement of rural medical level and improvement of peasant quality, the income, the market's consumers are starting to recognize a brand. For example, in the past, most of the villages and towns clinic is a man. Now with the new reform in place, some clinics have been combined with institutes for diagnosis and treatment of early step. At this moment, in this level over the terminal type promotion is meaningful. This is why most of the prescription drug barons have recently to form a team to enter the third terminal.

[real] from grazing to captivity

M drug firms is a production of generic drug company, with annual sales of around 200 million yuan. The management mode of the company for a long time is a province set up one or two salesman, shop goods by local pharmaceutical companies, don't do any promotions, completely on natural digestion, unless be unified business the company make product promotion will reluctantly to attend, did you have a good marriage.

In the past two years, the company feels feng shui is not too smooth, inter-provincial sales decline significantly. Liu from a joint venture company in charge of sales, who served as regional manager position, make a new apt clinical promotion work. Liu after visiting the market segmentation varieties, improved the original sales model, the core idea is: generic drug varieties also walk in the way of terminal type in the sales.

Liu to be familiar with the sales mode of clinical varieties of copy to the sales of generic drug OTC varieties, the implementation of four steps:

1. According to the market demand and the status quo, to reposition the three main products, appropriate price adjustment, taking similar varieties of high-end line, or in the over-the-counter (OTC) market is given priority to, is further subdivided market. Company a portion of the costs, self-built channels, in a planned way, purposefully to carry out the terminal promotion, change the marketing pattern of grazing type in the past.

2. Increase the salesman to prefecture level as the axis, delimit according to the county area, each salesman responsible for 2 ~ 3 counties, implements the trawl shop goods, gradually eliminate varieties of outline. Establish comparatively perfect terminal customer profiles, including pharmacy sales supply channels and the specific agent preferences, design the effective working plan, and implement to the time and the salesman.

3. With the help of local business channels and brand, and product promotion will be held regularly, expand the visibility of company and products; Or direct print promotion, sales policy implementation to the terminal customers; Or through commercial products to determine key accounts and general customers, visit the content and promotion policy respectively, regular visit key customers, timely feedback information.

4. Invite the customer visit and business company headquarters, feel the company's corporate culture, strengthen the production enterprises and commercial companies and the interaction between terminal customers, timely understand and grasp the development direction of enterprise, together to achieve long-term win-win cooperation intentions.

At first, the company management layer has a different opinion. After all increase the cost of sales, reduces the product gross margin, sceptical of reform. But the company boss support liu, one is liu is he invited, face to give; Second, the cost is not much, products are a little too to ask price; Three is to sell a little rebound, the network began to form, no longer rely solely on commercial companies like the past; Four is to cultivate and exercise a team, this is the company's intangible assets; Five is the company has two OTC varieties will be put on the market, but through the established sales network.

In marketing, liu constantly adjust operation in detail, some unexpected problems. After six months, the sales rise obviously, product brand and company profile also gradually obtained the business company and terminal customer's approval. Especially the main channel of local company's initiative cooperation, long-term distribution agreement, because of the depth of M company has a salesman in a terminal for distribution, drive product sales, getting past passive to active sales now, win the benefit for business company. The interests of manufacturers and merchants together as one. Such a partnership, what is there against it?

Practice has proved that sales of generic drug in the terminal type is a reference for clinical promotion way, is also inevitable trend for the deep distribution of the varieties of OTC market segment. M products market share is expanding constantly, on the path of the development of a virtuous circle.

Change cannot be wishful thinking

M drug firms original marketing - no, it should be said that sales - is typical of traditional practices, in the words of the industry now is natural goods, not active and enterprising.

This pattern is develops in the planned economy, in the past 30 years development deformity. If the former, generic drug production and sales of 200 million yuan a year, not rich but also can not hungry, adventurous person also can live safely. However, the situation is different, the new health reform, means that the generic drug production sales mode must be changed.

Liu basic accord with the requirement of modern medicine marketing mode of operation, but is on business, did not see the specific terminal mode. If the only do OTC business, there is a store classification, find store line planning, such as POP put special skills need to master the application program. Is the failure to hand over to treat, or that is the case? Then if the former, let a person cannot judge its terminal type in the operation of the point. If the latter, you don't have to operation, from "in the terminal type" empty claims of the word in the terminal type operation. Need to remind liu, her own new apt to clinical sales model is applied to generic drug OTC sales, specific to analysis, must not blind imitation, more can't wishful thinking.

Here, the author is pinched the 1 for M company. By the original nature, looking up to heaven ShouShi sales to the terminal in the modern marketing such a huge shift, from concept to the organizational structure of preparation is inadequate. What's more, the support liu as a face for the boss. That determine the future of enterprise marketing strategy shift, if there is no unified ideological understanding, from top to bottom to build powerful execution, form a conscious action, a trouble, encounter a small setback, a new New Deal will die halfway. This example, it is also the current many enterprise hired professional managers are the crux of the not working.