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Bacterial drug resistance have genetic roots

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:30

Antibiotics appeared as a drug for less than one hundred, now has a drug-resistant "superbugs" in the medical community have a headache. Drug-resistant bacteria could produce? Canadian researchers reported recently, from more than 30000 years ago in the bacterial DNA isolated drug-resistant genes, for the first time through the rigorous experiments show that the resistance genes are rooted in bacteria, even long before humans found that antibiotics.

Canadian McMaster university researchers from the country's northwest yukon drill sediments, obtained the frozen soil samples of more than 30000 years, extract bacterial DNA. They adopt strict method to ensure samples from contamination by modern microbes, confirmed that the ancient bacterial DNA.

Analysis shows that these have a variety of resistance genes in the DNA fragments, such as penicillin, tetracycline and vancomycin gene. The researchers on the basis of these ancient DNA fragments, recovery from a vancomycin resistance gene and its coding protein, found its function the same as the modern function of vancomycin resistant material, structure is very similar.

This finding is not surprising, because most antibiotics are natural substances, are killing other bacteria fungi or bacteria "chemical weapons", but today when mass production using artificial synthesis. Some scientists speculated that in microbial "civil war", the resistance and natural antibacterial substances "while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, the" type of coevolution is already a long time.

Relevant papers published on August 31, in a new online in the journal nature. New discovery means that there are already many ready-made nature bacteria resistance genes, in evolutionary pressure, the antibiotic resistant strains will stand out at any time, no antibiotics forever.

The first antibiotic drug penicillin was found in early 20th century, 40 s are widely used, people soon discovered resistance problem. Since every new antibiotics, for it will quickly appear resistant strains, to prevent abuse and misuse of antibiotics to contain bacteria resistance has become an important topic of public health management.