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Biological medicine industry, huzhou city, gaining "fission"

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:31

For days, is located in deqing county of zhejiang with force pharmaceutical co., LTD. With total investment of more than 9000, ten thousand yuan and annual output of 200 tons per wu spirit fungus powder project has entered the stage of equipment installation and debugging, supporting facilities also started construction of the project, after the project construction has been basically completed.

Assist force pharmaceutical industry is one of the listed company in the field of biological medicine industry. In February this year, with pharmaceutical industry in the city take the lead on the gem, carry out from the capital markets to raise "new yearly produces 200 tons of black fungus powder production technology upgrading and expansion project" and form a complete set of new annual output of 450 million grains of wu ling capsule "construction projects", etc. "After the project, not only improved company spirit series products production capacity, and will make the equipment and technology level onto a stage." Company officials said.

Learned from city via letter appoint that since this year, as one of the three strategic emerging industries, huzhou city, the biological and pharmaceutical industry, in the face of rising production costs, overall prices, power supplies, such as challenges, production and sales to maintain steady growth, a number of industrial projects step by step forward, even more exciting is a batch of backbone enterprise innovation ability enhancement, various factors to the development of the biological and pharmaceutical industry added power.

The latest statistics show that from January to July this year, the biological and pharmaceutical industry to realize advocate business wu income over 8.5 billion yuan, up 20.1% from a year earlier, the industry ratios of nearly 96%; To complete the industrial added value reached more than 1.5 billion yuan, up 9.9% from a year earlier. Is located in deqing county's poem diffuse group is one of the leading enterprises of biological and pharmaceutical industry. Since this year, the company vigorously promote marketing strategy to stores in shopping malls supermarkets, success and wal-mart China headquarters to reach an agreement, the first into 38, 1 to July sales revenue, profit tax indexes soared, sales increased by more than 80%, profits increased by more than 50%. Wu Xing district pearl raya (huzhou) cosmetics co., LTD. Since its launch in June last year, both production and marketing, their production and sales rose by over 180%, is expected to reach annual sales income 500 million yuan. In addition, located in anji county, zhejiang green world biological engineering co., LTD., earlier this year to add new equipment, capacity expansion, its sales revenue growth more than 60%, and so on.

In the steady growth of production and marketing at the same time, a number of biological and pharmaceutical projects also progressed steadily. At the end of July, the city built ten million yuan of above biological project and medicine industry of 27 items, plans a total investment of nearly 2.8 billion yuan, in July 1 to the total investment of more than 640 million yuan. These projects, the new construction projects have 10 this year.

Located in huzhou economic and technological development zone of zhejiang zhongke hon Ann biological engineering co., LTD., plans to invest 250 million yuan to implement the annual output of 4400 tons of beta lactam antibiotics with immobilized enzymes and pharmaceutical intermediates industrialization projects ", the project has started infrastructure, and complete the pile; Zhejiang with force pharmaceutical co., LTD. "the research and development of medicinal fungi efficacy components industrialization project" has been completed warehousing center, the construction of Chinese medicine extract production line, is now starting a new preparation workshop construction, etc.

Particularly notable is that a number of biological and pharmaceutical backbone enterprises, huzhou city, gradually enhance its capability of innovation. In the first half of the field of biological medicine companies included in the provincial key technological innovation project 6 items, 17 provincial new products, and assist pharmaceutical, changxing pharmaceutical and such a batch of pharmaceutical manufacturing backbone enterprises increase investment in innovation. Assist force pharmaceutical, a secondary development based on wu spirit fungus powder and the spirit of the lotus, spirit ze development completed, at present, the lotus spirit has made new drug certificate, and into the partial provinces and cities medical insurance directory, spirit tablet and for new drug approval certificate; I finished the "wu biotechnology dermatitis diagnostic patch" preclinical studies, has won provincial food and drug administration clinical acceptance notice; Changxing pharmaceutical extract polysaccharide from cordyceps sinensis powder in the treatment of chronic renal failure at present has entered the third phase of clinical research of TCM, the product fills the domestic gap, etc. "Keeps a steady growth of production, in trouble, and the results show that the field of biology and medicine industry development situation is very stable, and the launch of accelerating the construction of new projects, new products constantly, the injected capacity increment for the industry development and incremental sales, and is expected to become the next few years, huzhou city, a new growth point of biology and medicine industry." , the letter said.