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Universal disease-resistant poison is expected to be listed in 10 years

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:29

Small to catch a cold, too big to HIV/AIDS, smallpox, and in recent years are known as bird flu, swine flu, is caused by a virus infection. Unlike bacteria, so far, the diseases caused by viral infection is still no special effective treatments. In recently, the MIT Lincoln laboratory, Todd rider, and colleagues has brought good news for us they have developed a kind of broad-spectrum antiviral effect and it is difficult to produce a new type of treatment resistance: DRACO (" double-stranded RNA activated caspase polymer "English abbreviation).

Virus is made up of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) and protein composed of shell, the survival of the parasite in a cell. They will affect cell, using the cell's own genetic material and proteins such as more copies the same virus. In the process, can produce double-stranded RNA virus, the substance in human cells or other animals are not exist in the cell. And infected cells in the human body as long as the "suicide" in time, enter the course of apoptosis, the virus can be wiped out. DRACO is to help people "infected cells in the body at all viruses, kill viruses, at the same time in the apoptosis of making DRACO to become a real sense of" broad spectrum antiviral drugs.

Todd, said Dr They tested in the experiment of 15 different kinds of strains, including the common cold virus, the H1N1 virus, and deadly high dengue virus and so on. Experiment infected cells under the action of DRACO have entered the correct apoptosis process itself, and healthy cells are not affected.

In the interview, Todd, "says Dr. Their findings in antiviral health care is similar to penicillin was discovered, has the potential to become a" panacea ", for the treatment of virus many still cannot effect a radical cure diseases caused by virus has the possibility of a cure. All goes well, the drug is expected to be listed within 10 to 15 years, and human virus of war may be from now on can draw a perfect full stop.