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The scientists used dolphin research exchange with alien language

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:30

The United States, a Marine biologist at Florida Atlantic university are working on a earth humans and mammals and space alien language in communication.

On September 6, Beijing time message, according to foreign media reports, the United States Marine biologist at Florida Atlantic university in recent years has been devoted to the Bahamas an Atlantic spotted dolphins in the north of group members and the relationship between the interaction behavior, hope to be able to as according to the research a kind of earth humans and mammals and space alien language in communication. At present, the research team has set up a prototype system of two-way communication with the dolphins, research results to be published, related technologies are being expert review.

According to introducing, 27 years, Florida Atlantic university Marine biologist Dennis holtz and the research team has been in northern waters of the Bahamas, because there is a more than 200 members of the Atlantic spotted dolphins. Holtz, a Marine biologist to whatever it is, it is to study how between dolphins communicate with each other.

Marine biologists think, make clear the relationship between each member in the group is to understand their whistles, ticks, and other various sound signal of the key. Holtz is also the founder and head of the wild dolphins engineering research projects. Holtz said, "the biggest goal is to tell people the project between dolphins story".

However, dolphins are a kind of extremely curious and intelligent animals, they are unlikely to allow scientists to easily captured in underwater life scene and recorded them all kinds of sounds. It is well known that dolphins have a complicated brain, dolphin group also has a complex social structure, such as they will form an alliance and Shared responsibility. After training, they might also learn the language.

Holtz says, "many times, they will be under water and we play a game. This special group seems to be very curious for us, perhaps because they also found that we analyze them underwater." After preliminary research, holtz a whim, she wants to build a most primitive language communication system, such as the dolphins can get a specific request by the language system of toys. In the past many years, many other scientists also have been trying to two-way communication with the dolphins.

Holtz argues that the study to search for extraterrestrial intelligence program also has very important significance, because dolphins are in some sense similar to extraterrestrial intelligence. Smart. "the key is how you understand this is why humans tend to use the dolphins and primates to test their cognitive ability and their ability to use brain. If you have been to a place, there may exist a kind of art creation but very intelligent species, so how do you communicate with them? There are many species on the earth, we can to them as a model for learning."

Today, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence scientists still difficult to understand the implications of an alien signal. Search for extraterrestrial intelligence institute in California radio astronomer Seth - Mr. Stark said, "the most basic way is to study voice, can be in a laboratory study on earth existing various intelligence. This way, in fact, as early as 50 years ago has been mentioned, now is still a good idea."

Holtz said, they have formed a set of prototype system, and will continue to refine the two-way communication technology and the in-depth research and dolphins. The system will use a kind of underwater keyboard and other tools to dolphin voice recording and analysis. Holtz research results to be published, and is currently under review of relevant experts.