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To speed up structure adjustment become the main task the pharmaceutical industry

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:28

Yes, I spoke with WUment and reform commission has released on April this year the new industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue (2011) has carried on the detailed explanation. In the pharmaceutical industry, the main task of the "twelfth five-year" period is to speed up structural adjustment.

Development and reform commission, the relevant personage points out, at the same time in the rapid development of pharmaceutical industry in China, there are still many problems, such as independent innovation ability weak, product structure need to be upgraded, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization slower, biotech drugs is small, industry supporting ability is weak, and severe low industrial concentration, low level repeated construction, some varieties of production capacity is greater than the demand and low added value of export products.

Therefore, speed up structural adjustment become the main task of the pharmaceutical industry "twelfth five-year", the national development and reform commission will take revised medicine industry structure adjustment guidance catalogue, strengthen industrial development to guide.

Catalog for the guidance of the new formulation of follow the principle of six, including further broadening the scope of encourage the development of new products, actively support the development of new technology and application, attach great importance to the basic drugs development, strictly limited overcapacity chemical API new project, strengthening the protection of endangered animal and plant resources, resolutely curb low-level redundant construction.

New guidance catalogue also account for some of the key items in detail.

To encourage "meet the demand of our major, multiple disease prevention first development and production of generic drugs" entry of the national development and reform commission pointed out that a larger market share of worldwide patent medicine are also patents expire, the clinical application of these varieties in the short term is difficult to replace, combined with the developed countries to control the medical expense encourages the use of generic drugs, global sales of generic drug presents the fast growth momentum. As a result, the national development and reform commission requirements, our country medicine industry should accelerate the process of commercialization of similar varieties, vigorously developing new dosage forms, foster a batch of domestic market leading independent brand medicine, forming a batch of internationally competitive advantage features new API.

In addition, also notable is, eliminate backward production capacity is also an important content of the new catalogue of the guidance. Development and reform commission (NDRC) personage points out, the future will limit chemical API new project of serious supply exceeds demand, especially serious overcapacity, highly polluting, energy-intensive products development. "Restricted varieties such as vitamin C, penicillin. There has been blind and low capacity expansion problem in new projects, the restrictions on these chemical API development measures, helps to guide the enterprise investment, promote industrial upgrading and orderly competition."