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From SARS to H7N9 TCM development opportunities

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:25

Infected H7N9 bird flu outbreak since more than half a month, the Chinese live chicken and chicken products sales lost more than 13 billion yuan, soybeans, corn and other upstream agricultural products market in the near future also obvious encounter cold, and traditional Chinese medicine industry is quite another story.

In hefei, anhui province, and even take antipyretic capsule, double yellow lotus oral liquid, such as radix isatidis became the pharmacy for "baby". "This Chinese traditional medicine is too good to sell a few, almost all for not loading for a few days." In hefei city, a chain of more than a famous pharmacy, officials say, Shanghai, anhui and other places of su zhejiang people infection H7N9 since the outbreak of bird flu, a large number of people buy these have heat-clearing and detoxifying effect of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent the outbreak.

Online pharmacies merchants have also said that some Chinese herbal medicine appeared several times to break goods, sales of tens of thousands of dollars a day. Sweet bursa containing aromatic un-awakened monarch use of Chinese herbal medicine, also constantly refresh opened a shop sales records.

Mulberry leaf, flos lonicerae, radix scutellariae... National health development planning commission, issued the infection H7N9 avian influenza diagnostic scheme (2013) ", referring to the two control of traditional Chinese medicine prescription. Later, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, Beijing and other places of launch preventive medicine management H7N9 in prescriptions. Some pharmacies tisanes machine running 24 hours a day.

Response to the outbreak, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine not only stay in prevention stage, it also collaborate with western medicine, formal involvement in human infection H7N9 patient treatment.

Hospital expert doctor Mr Wang is in anhui province bozhou city people H7N9 bird flu patients treatment expert group members. "Traditional Chinese medicine can help patients better recover function of spleen and stomach, can promote the patient for the absorption of inflammation, plays a very obvious curative effect in the treatment process." He said.

And after Beijing announced the first H7N9 small patients adopt combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment, involves the neuraminidase inhibitors drugs tamiflu, fructus forsythiae and traditional Chinese medicine powder, white tiger decoction, etc. Under the dual role of Chinese and western medicine, the patient body temperature returned to normal.

Shanghai for children with a mild H7N9 bird flu by taking Chinese medicine oral liquid and supplemented by western medicine, fever and symptoms disappear soon recovered.

The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine H7N9 bird flu prevention and control expert group members, Beijing university of Chinese medicine dongzhimen hospital of Chinese medicine professor liang-duo jiang said, according to the current epidemic cases observation, several provinces and cities H7N9 avian influenza with TCM treatment effect is certain.

Traditional Chinese medicine "in the face of major outbreaks, received a precious opportunity, it effectively break the people for traditional Chinese medicine" outdated "and" slow "card shark, 'composition pharmacological fuzzy', 'therefore', and many other bias and misunderstanding. Symptomatic treatment of western medicine and support therapy, Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and the overall modulation, making each professional competence. "Mr Wang said.

Has the ancient civilization of China, from the legend the emperor shen nung taste of traditional Chinese medicine grass bouquet to the last century, as the five thousand in addition to the burden of disease, a duel to the plague.

Since modern times, however, introduces, because of the low level of modernization of Chinese medicine, imperfect evaluation system, the composition is not exact factors in the international and domestic development bottleneck. Until after the founding of new China, "equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine" policy, Chinese medicine situation was improved. Especially in recent years, in a wide range of epidemic disease prevention and control, has played a very good curative effect of Chinese medicine, has been paid great attention in public.

Ten years ago when SARS hit global, clear and open spirit injection, heartleaf houttuynia herb injection, radix isatidis granule, compound sophora injection of eight kinds of proprietary Chinese medicine for the different pathological link of SARS can significantly improve symptoms. Interventional therapy of Chinese medicine account for 58% of the number of disease, patients with traditional Chinese medicine to take strong "breakthrough", seeking revitalization.

"In western medicine there is no specific, front of the new epidemic pathogenic etiology is unknown, pay attention to" foster the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment often show the important role. Against infection H7N9 remarkable performance of avian influenza, let the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry after SARS in development opportunity again." Mr Wang said.

Medicine stressed that the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine can no longer narrowly restricted to "non-infectious disease" field; Have experts point out that countries should take more actions, promote conclusion improve diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine theory, gradually realize the internationalization.

China has more than 12000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine resources, are using chromatographic fingerprint technology, gene technology, nanotechnology and other modern technological means for scientific research and production of traditional Chinese medicine; Multiple large science and technology industrial base for TCM modernization in guangxi, sichuan, ningxia and other places also stepped up its construction. Customs data also showed that Chinese medicine export volume is on the rise in recent years.

"Chinese medicine enterprises should seize the opportunity, establish industry confidence, to ensure product quality, striding across." Anhui university of traditional Chinese medicine professor Gu Zhi hill said.

Of course, the experts also stressed that at present, there is no specific H7N9 proprietary Chinese medicine, people find strange body, want to see a doctor in a timely manner, to listen to the doctor's advice, do not blindly buy medicine medicine. Relative to western medicine, Chinese medicine side effect is small, but choose medicine medicine, still need to be careful.