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Shanghai biological medicine industry total amount exceeds 200 billion growth rate of more than 15%

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:27

Released yesterday, the Shanghai science and technology commission, the Shanghai biological medicine industry development plan of action has complete three years. Although affected by unfavorable factors such as the global economic slowdown, Shanghai biological medicine industry growth is still more than 15% for three consecutive years, to the end of last year, the industry's economic output of more than 200 billion yuan of the intended target.

According to a 2009 release of "Shanghai biological medicine industry development plan (2009-2012)", by the end of 2012, biological medicine industry to realize "3211", namely the Shanghai initially build the innovation of the domestic pharmaceutical product manufacturing center, business center, and research and development center (this is a "3"); The industry economy reached 200 billion yuan (the "2"); Support the innovative companies of 100 annual output value of more than 100 yuan, make 100 sales of more than one hundred million yuan, a high content of science and technology of the fist products (the above two "100" to "1"). Look from actual completion, not only economic indicators, in the degree of optimization of industrial structure, industrial base, etc., the cluster has made great progress.

Manufacturing, business, research and development outsourcing become a "troika" pull output.

Manufacturing is the low-end to high-end, efficient biological pharmaceutical and chemical medicine in high-end medical equipment field transformation, growth of 17% in 2012; Pharmaceutical research and development of business and service outsourcing industry fast development, the business is growing by more than 20% a year, service outsourcing annual growth of 30%.

Three years, the city's new development output value over 200 million yuan more than 40 of the leading enterprises, the formation of drug-eluting stents (des), clear phlegm heat injection and invert sugar injection and so on six more than 1 billion yuan output value of large products, as well as yi's, salvia miltiorrhiza polyphenols acid salt and so on nearly 20 more than 400 million yuan output value of new products. Annual sales of products worth $100.

In the source of innovative drug research and development, three years in Shanghai were get Eric tan, reorganization of urokinase original countries such as four kind of innovative drug production approval, and restructuring of tumor cell apoptosis factor, kore four products such as complete clinical research, is applying for production approval. In addition, different thiamethoxam fluorine, Mr Ming for kang, gene recombinant interleukin - 22 23 innovative drug approval for clinical research. Shanghai approval number of the first production approval and clinical research.

Established in the pudong zhangjiang, chow hong, minhang, xuhui, fengxian, jinshan and qingpu six major industrial base. After the first three lay particular stress on research and development and service, three heavy industrialization. Biological medicine more than 80% of the investment projects in the city for three years concentrated in six bases, 80% of the industry output value also comes from six bases.

Continuous investment, it is the foundation for the development of the industry in the future. Currently 111 construction projects, plans a total investment of over 21 billion yuan. 58 future proposed investment projects, is expected to total investment of nearly 9 billion yuan. Investment of 3.9 billion yuan in Shanghai fengxian by biological products production base in a phase of the project, the investment of 800 million yuan of minimally invasive Zhang Jiangxin production base caps are realized structure. Shanghai united shadow high-end medical imaging zhangjiang r&d and production base, Shanghai fosun industrial base construction smoothly.