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Pricing rigid malignant bid to cheap medicine as "luxury medicine"

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:20

In recent years, d road brain slice of ciprofloxacin, periodontal spirit tablet and capsule, injection with erythromycin, calcium gluconate tablets, compound liquorice tablets and so on the many kinds of cheap medicine continued shortage. At the grassroots medical institutions, national and local supplement of basic drugs generally there are more than 500, but some affordable basic medicine often "out of stock".

Vicious bidding price rigidity

Why are you so scarce cheap medicine? Reporter interviewed some drug companies found that as raw materials, artificial, logistics and other costs rise, some cheap medicine approach for production cost, some even more than for inversion phenomenon, firms have to slow or stop production.

Guangzhou baiyun mountain and Huang Zhong medicine co., LTD., market management center director chun-yu wang, the company production of "effect" used in the treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel, 60 slices of pack a carton maximum retail price of 7.6 yuan, now the main raw materials of notoginseng prices rose by nearly 20, 2006 times, cost pressure is heavy.

Most cheap medicine is used for many years, the mature technology of general medicine and basic medicine, belong to the category of government pricing, price once approved it is difficult to adjust. Has not changed for many years the highest price cheap drugs, not considering the clinical value of medicines, quality, cost, and the CPI and other factors.

In addition, the drug bid "at a low price is only take", some small and medium-sized enterprises by cutting corners, lease contract, reducing process means to reduce costs, such as hitting the market at low price, cheap five prices further distorted, a batch of cheap good medicine out of the market, "the winning death" phenomenon. Chun-yu wang, about more than 700 national drug companies have production approval "effect", about more than 80 companies bidding quotation, there are companies to produce the effect of the bid price if a carton 2 yuan to 3 yuan, "if in strict accordance with the stipulations of pharmacopoeia, this price is the effect of the production not to come out anyway."

The personage inside course of study points out, caused widespread concern cheap medicine "vitamin C fructus forsythiae" vicious bidding is directly related to fraud and medicine.

"New" to raise prices

For drug prices artificially high, relevant departments of the lower drug prices for many times, a lot of cheap commonly used medicines were also included. Some drug companies to avoid price policy, by changing the dosage form, add ingredients to register as a "new drug", for "independent pricing power to raise prices."

Chun-yu wang, compound salvia miltiorrhiza tablets and dropping in exactly the same formula, active ingredients, pharmacological action tablet were stronger than dropping pill, take price tablet 1 yuan, dropping to $5, "high prices dropping profit space is large, the enterprise more willing to production, of course."

With a long cycle at the same time, the drug research and development, our country each year approval of new drugs is overmuch, also disrupted pharmaceuticals market. American FDA2011 34 years newly approved drugs, medical experts criticized the examination and approval by the United States too fast, and 2011 for examination and approval of new drugs in China 2011 kinds, including 84 kinds of change of dosage form drug.

Experts suggest that relevant departments should strictly drug approval, to establish a dynamic and flexible mechanism, real-time monitoring of drug production and supply situation, considering changes cost price, the pricing information publicity; In terms of the tender, tender method should change cost not heavy quality, as the primary standard of the tender to drug product quality. Support policies at the same time, build a cheap specific reserve system and ensure that the average daily cost 3 yuan to 5 yuan of generic drug, medicine has reasonable profit space.