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New trends of Chinese herbal medicine counterfeiting rendering means professional experts look not to come out

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Illegal cost is low, the law enforcement personnel is not enough, is Chinese traditional medicine counterfeiting important reason of counterfeits



The reporter understands recently in an interview, the current Chinese counterfeiting phenomenon appeared some new trends, this also is increasing the difficulty against fraud, put forward new challenges to the current Chinese herbal medicine market management. Curb fraud deluge, traditional Chinese medicinal materials needs to be from the system and standard construction of the root.


The spread of frauds


It is understood that the current fraud appeared the new trend of Chinese medicinal materials including fraud means constantly high science and technology, formed a clear division of responsibilities of counterfeiting industry chain, doctors and pharmaceutical companies involved in three aspects.


"Chinese herbal medicine counterfeiting means is changing now, some high-tech means to enter this field and growing, make a person dazzling." Yong-kang wang said Chinese medicinal materials market management office in chengdu.


Engaged in Chinese herbal medicine inspection work more than 20 years of yong-kang wang told reporters that in the past, Chinese medicinal materials and sale of counterfeit goods mainly concentrated in the Chinese caterpillar fungus, such as bird's nest rare medicinal herbs, but as the overall rise in the price of Chinese medicinal materials in recent years, some criminals start counterfeiting of "hand" to ordinary Chinese medicinal materials, but also means increasingly renovated.


Across the country more than traditional Chinese medicinal materials markets when visiting learned that the current Chinese medicinal materials of fraud means basically has the following kinds: one is molded, such as starch, gypsum powder into the mold manufacturing "cordyceps sinensis"; Second, modelling, such as such as eggs, gelatin material processed into cauliflower shape briquette as dried human placenta; 3 it is dyed, such as grape skin pigment dyed, posing as dogwood. Four is smoke, there can be no medicinal value of sandalwood sapwood wood essence as sandalwood. Five is doping, mainly is the sand, dirt, dust, sugar in a variety of means such as incorporating authentic medicinal materials.


Traditional Chinese medicinal materials of huge interests counterfeiters continuously research new means of fraud, and even introduce some very professional and high-tech means. The personage inside course of study listed to the reporter: such as lead or tin powder mixed soil and glue, used in cordyceps sinensis seedling to gain weight; Will a kilo red flower shop on the container, spray sugar water, and sprinkle with three red brick powder into two, because the color is very similar, even the experts look not to come out.


Reporter also learned that with the improving of the counterfeiting technology, specialization of increasingly detailed division of labor, Chinese herbal medicine counterfeiting has initially formed a black industry chain from the source to the finished product.


An operator to medical herbs adulteration, for example, to reporters outlined a black interests chain: pharmaceutical factory some illegal personnel should be promptly destroyed liquid to sneak out, then shipped to the processing field, by specialized personnel responsible for the drying of liquid, bleaching technologies such as processing, finally sold in Chinese market. "A medical LiangSanDun hundreds of yuan, toll fee generally two yuan per kilogram. Each link to produce high profits, eventually sold to the market of medical price is about half of the Chinese herbal medicine. Traditional Chinese medicinal materials prices over the past two years, sometimes can sell for seventy percent of the market."


The personage inside course of study, according to Chinese traditional medicine, not only including traditional Chinese medicine, also including some Chinese medicine yinpian. Hebei amara is China's largest traditional Chinese medicine wholesale market, the merchants there was only a Chinese herbal medicine, a wholesaler but because yinpian sold better, therefore, a large number of merchants have been doing the processing production of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian, counterfeit behavior. Then, difficult to guarantee the quality of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian were sold to hospitals and proprietary Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise, and ultimately to consumers' hands.


Some of the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, in the field of Chinese medicine yinpian, counterfeiting black interests chain will also be able to continue to the end. For example, someone is specialized in the production of fake bags, printing fake qualified certificates and false sales outbound order "service".


The reporter understands investigation, under the high profit, not only some Chinese herbal medicine producers and sellers directly, some proprietary Chinese medicine production enterprises, and the doctor also indirectly involved, even directly to the production and sale of counterfeit goods, increased participation main body objectively promoted the spread of Chinese herbal medicine to fraud.


At present, as a result of the TCM products bidding price the pressure was very low, some Chinese medicine manufacturers in order to reduce the production cost, buy cheap Chinese medicinal materials in the market. To a certain extent, this feeds into the Chinese traditional medicine counterfeiting. The gate of Beijing hospital director zhu said: "it's not a traditional Chinese medicinal materials to discern between true and false difficult, fraud is there will be a living space, mainly for drug procurement staff" cheap is required. '"


Economic research institute, Chinese academy of social sciences researcher Chen Jiguang said there are a lot of lack of business ethics of "modern Chinese medicine manufacturing enterprise to extract" active ingredients ", "independent" of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials and processing section, sales to the medicine market in yinpian way, many companies use this "slices" of proprietary Chinese medicine efficacy.


Reporter survey also found that as a route to the final barrier in patients, at present, some hospitals "medicine for the medical" also easy to leave living space for fake drugs, because Chinese medicine yinpian itself profit space is not large, it is difficult to catch kickbacks, medicinal materials manufacturer, seller will use the fake and shoddy Chinese medicine yinpian low price to sell to a doctor, doctor space earn their rebates.


Crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods problem solution


The personage inside course of study, the current of Chinese medicinal materials and sale of counterfeit goods, still faces a lack of industry standards, barriers to entry is not high, the illegal cost is low, the lack of law enforcement and other aspects.


The chengdu international trade city co., LTD., chairman of fuzhou ShouJianHong said, due to the lack of industry standards, how to fake qualitative is embarrassed. "For adulteration behavior of counterfeits by various means, it is relatively easy to hit, but pay attention to the original, traditional Chinese medicinal materials in different areas of the Chinese traditional medicine its medicinal also each are not identical, if merchants shoddy, whether can determine its medicinal materials in the real operation problem counterfeits."


New pharmaceutical, deputy general manager xu description said, at present, Chinese herbal medicine, preparation of acquirers, when testing products, or in the traditional see, taste, nose to smell, touch and other traditional experience to measure and verify its character, color, texture and smell. Some enterprises will be equipped with testing equipment, but not commonly used, bad to use, a lot of drugs is the quality of the instrument detection not to come out.


Some in the industry, said the Chinese herbal medicine is, in fact, agricultural and sideline products, engaged in the management of Chinese medicinal materials are mostly some herbalist in the past. Due to the low industry admittance threshold, as long as registered a business license, can enter the market for sale.


"At present, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and sell fake medicines will be effected according to the product value of 2 to 5 times the fine. Normally, these merchants set up to 20 ~ 30 kg, fined down up to hundreds of thousands of yuan, also without the detection of the high cost of traditional Chinese medicine." Sfda jinniu district, zheng tao told reporters, because most of Chinese medicinal materials market for retail business, with tens of thousands of customers, only on drug safety, industrial and commercial departments such as limited human difficult to achieve regulatory "whole". Chengdu lotus pond traditional Chinese medicine professional market, for example, thesis food and drug administration is responsible for the food and drug supervision of law enforcement personnel a total of nine, but the lotus pond traditional Chinese medicine professional market alone has more than 1700 stores. Illegal cost is low, the law enforcement personnel is not enough, is Chinese traditional medicine counterfeiting important reason of counterfeits.


Pay attention to construction of system and standard


Appeared in the new situation of Chinese herbal medicine production and new characteristics, the personage inside course of study suggested, should continue to be stepping up his efforts, and pay attention to the system and standard construction, fundamentally curb the Chinese herbal medicine counterfeiting.


One is to establish clear industry standard. Relevant state departments should organize experts as soon as possible, specify the standardization level of quality standard, and mandatory clear proprietary Chinese medicine production enterprises of medical grade a standard. Change have long relied on "old may use" medicine "listening, asking and" type choice, also cut off the enterprise shoddy Bridges.


ShouJianHong think, should be established from seeds, planting, harvesting, processing and packaging to transportation, to store a set of scientific standards, in order to more scientifically standardize the production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine. ShouJianHong said, their company cooperation with chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine is establish standard of traditional Chinese medicine. He sent the journalist calculated brushstroke zhang: set out a Chinese industry standard cost about 100000 ~ 200000 yuan, if the country is preparing to more than 5000 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials in standard, a total of about 1 billion yuan. "Although the $1 billion spending appears to be very large, but the country divided according to the geographical indications of Chinese medicinal materials, by the central, provincial, city level 3 fiscal responsibility together. At the same time, can introduce Chinese medicine production enterprises to participate in standards, achieve win-win situation."


The second is to establish quality tracking mechanism. Expert thinks, should from the circulation link set up a traceability system, and policies "hard levers", for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals and other institutions purchasing Chinese medicinal materials, must choose traceability of medicinal materials. At the same time as soon as possible to promote Chinese herbal medicine production quality management standard (GAP). Chinese medicine enterprise tasly group chairman 闫希军 said, GAP start has been 12 years, but so far the national certification only 51 varieties, 59 enterprises and 66 Chinese herbal medicine production base, and China has about 360 kinds of commonly used large varieties of traditional Chinese medicine. At the current rate, the need for at least 60 years to finish the work. Not only that, part of the certified enterprises and base the "return".


At present, the quality tracing system and mechanism construction, some places have carried on the beneficial exploration. Such as in sichuan, chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine combined 5 electronic information and pharmaceutical companies in the province has formed a scientific research group, began using the Internet and electronic tag technology, set up Chinese medicine quality tracking system. Today, in chengdu named township mouth of rhizoma ligustici wallichii planting base of Chinese traditional medicine and yoann san-jiu cordate houttuynia can see in the planting base, the cultivation of medicinal materials are labeled the two dimensional barcode electronic labels, through the sensor can show including medicinal herbs grow in the process of temperature, humidity, illumination, added during the production of fertilizers and pesticide chemicals and other parameters.

Three is to encourage drug companies to establish farming base. At present, some powerful pharmaceutical companies have begun to explore and herbalist counterparts to establish farming base, it can not only from the source control of quality and safety of Chinese medicinal materials, also can save the intermediate links, and ensure that the purchase price, the maximum extent, safeguard the interests of the herbalist, increasing the income of herbalist.

, vice President of the Chinese academy of social sciences, the researchers Li Shenming Suggestions, hope by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council set up one or two large state-owned enterprise groups of traditional Chinese medicine and to encourage powerful private enterprises participate in planting base of Chinese herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, from the perspective of the industrialization, to ensure that the Chinese herbal medicine planting and processing of "pure", and to improve the quality of Chinese medicine preparations, proprietary Chinese medicine research and development, countries in the financial support, tax.

Four is stepping up his efforts under many guan qi. The personage inside course of study suggested that should further perfect the relevant laws and regulations, increasing investment, increase in violation of Chinese herbal medicine and sale, including set up drug regulatory standing in the market, accredited professionals; Integration of department resources, strengthen the public security, drug safety and quality inspection departments such as efforts to combat illegal behavior; Strict enforcement of the criminal law regulation, the latest on the production and sale of counterfeit goods behavior introduce according to the relevant provisions; Construction of credit system, and increase the additional penalties for offenders, and information such as id card as the carrier, the illegal workers refused to bank loans, social security, etc.