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Foreign companies to enter the low-end market medical equipment Homebred brand encirclement and suppression

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:22

Domestic medical equipment while in the city and county people's hospital are very big, but still not be a line of 3 armour hospital large-scale use of the city.

A poor uremic patients, a homemade improvised "hemodialysis machine", a 13 years of dialysis. Earlier this year, nantong Hu Songwen homemade "steel kidney dialysis and maintain the life story of 13 years, become a hot topic all at one's leisure.

More doctors call miracles, 13 years far exceeds the self-help dialysis rely on imported equipment of 3 armour hospital uremic patients dialysis average survival period. So the doctor explained.

Story has become the focus of discussion, and not just because Hu Songwen rely on the survival time of homemade equipment, more people increasingly concerned about medical equipment. At present, in the field of high-end medical equipment, our country on expensive imported or there are still 70% ~ 80% dependent on foreign brand. So, in the domestic medical equipment technology, quality and performance are not lose abroad, and how should we choose?

Localization of barriers

On March 28, 2013 at the national conference center for the 25th session of international medical equipment exhibition, Toshiba, Siemens, philips, GE four large high-end brands are in special decoration booth appearance, staged an eye-catching "for" show. The marketing strategy of exhibition will come to also make their market share in domestic high-end medical equipment sales.

With the push of urbanization in our country, at the grassroots medical equipment market expansion, under the good news of long-term occupied the high-end market, multinational companies are also beginning to lower figure, the nuggets at the grass-roots level, and the domestic medical equipment manufacturers close combat. This will trigger a mid-range medical device market is more fierce competition.

"GE, philips, Siemens through at home in view of the county-level hospitals equipment procurement activities actively, the impact to domestic products will be fatal." Medical apparatus and instruments, director of Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce Cai Tianzhi worry makes sense. Although mid-range medical equipment in China has large market share and price advantage is more obvious, but the present stage our country enterprise in foreign competition has not yet been fully grasp the bargaining power, and some companies will also affect the entire industry's earnings level, resulting in enterprise development fund shortage, self blood transfusion and blood will be for profit is not high and dead low-end market future development prospects.

And that the only CT makers - neusoft medical systems co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the neusoft medical) had other thoughts. Strengthen the grassroots market, improve the high-end market share is one of neusoft medical development strategy ", the company President jiang seedling told reporters.

Neusoft medical since 1997, the innovative development of China's independent intellectual property rights of CT, mri, digital X-ray machine, colour to exceed, lab automation, radiation therapy equipment and nuclear medical imaging equipment, etc. Series of products, to provide diagnostic images, regular examination, tumor three areas of comprehensive medical solutions. At present, the company's single, double and 16 layers spiral CT equipment in cities across the country and county people's hospital of general already installed applications. And with the company the first layer spiral CT of 64 launch of high-end equipment, declared that China CT from moving towards the international mainstream competition ranks, neusoft medical in big 3 armour hospital also has installed more and more of the customer.

But it is important to note that in many domestic cities of 3 armour hospital at present, most of the high-end medical equipment was imported from Japan, the United States, Germany products. This can not help but make people doubt, why foreign high-end products to sell?

Cai Tianzhi admitted to reporters, such as Siemens foreign brand high-end medical equipment has many years of accumulation, on the one hand, the use of large domestic 3 armour hospital has formed a fixed habits, on the other hand, high-end equipment purchase quantity also can become the crowned one of the important evaluation indexes of 3 armour hospital.

The reporter understands the investigation, some hospitals by purchasing for high-end imported equipment and get a lot of kickbacks, let some vested interests self-enrichment by purchasing foreign equipment. On the other hand, some hospital dean, you can purchase by foreign equipment in foreign authoritative medical journals published a signed article, so as to improve personal popularity.

However, some 3 armour hospital purchasing foreign high-end medical equipment is also the result of the multiple level. Peking union medical college hospital emergency department professor shu-bin guo to reporters on China's economy and informationization, due to 3 armour hospital responsible for solving the major responsibility of the critically ill, and therefore the equipment performance requirements must be strictly controlled. In some high-end medical equipment technical level, the domestic and foreign products or there is a certain gap. Therefore, to ensure the quality of medical security is the medical treatment cost, should not be partial to think about this problem.

Layout of internationalization

Due to the policy, technology, ideas, interests, etc factors, high-end domestic medical device does not seem to have become the eyes of the high-end users "beacon", but this does not mean that medical equipment localization way to go. In some medical subdivision industry leading enterprises in our country, their products are also sold in a steady stream of abroad.

The birthplace of the first domestic CT - neusoft medical is one of them. Can only as a domestic manufacturer of high-end CT, neusoft medical combining independent innovation and open innovation, always adhere to the healthy growth of high-speed development strategy. In 1998, neusoft medical successfully developed and launched the first with independent intellectual property rights of domestic CT, make China become the world's few countries can produce CT. Launched in 2009, PET, the same year introduced NeuViz16 multislice CT, 2012 NeuViz64 MDCT released more high-end products. In the past 15 years, neusoft medical is always committed to CT research and development of new technology and new products. As a matter of fact, as early as more than a decade ago, neusoft medical CT products have been exported abroad, often advance international city

, neusoft medical obtained including now, and has subsidiaries in the United States, the Middle East, Peru, has offices in Vietnam, products are now sold to 32 sheng municipalities and autonomous regions in China, at the same time in the United States, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, India, and eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and so on more than 90 countries and regions around the world achieve the installation of equipment, medical equipment for more than 5000 medical institutions in the world products and services. Jiang seedling, acknowledged the international layout for neusoft provides a steady stream of momentum.

A product must have their own core technology and value can have a good sale in the international market. Neusoft equipment is no exception. "We found that the medical equipment is more and more digital, more software played a key role in this kind of equipment. And this is our advantage, that is we can use the advantages of the old and traditional competitors, to fight a very important factor." Jiang seedling, said the neusoft medical use the fastest speed to find the methods to maximize the value of localization of equipment can be.

The success of a product in the market requires not only the core technology, also need to be in the mode of production, management and brand building all-round innovation, etc. "Virtual manufacturing" this kind of mode of production is neusoft medical breakthroughs to grab another genius in international market.

The reporter discovers through site visit, in neusoft medical assembly shop, see machines roar, also don't have a car, pliers, washing, planer, grinding such production process. They use is known as a "virtual manufacturing mode of production", that is to say, the product research and development, design and product sales and services of the system is done independently by enterprises, and the other parts of the large equipment is used for global sourcing.

With the traditional low value-added processing of "made in China" is different, neusoft "virtual manufacturing" more embodied in business and production mode of innovation and core value creation.

Based on the "made in China"

Medical equipment professional committee released the 2012 medical instrument industry analysis report, according to the last part of the domestic high-end medical equipment market for import dependence has a slow downward trend, the domestic medical instrument enterprise competitiveness in the field of high-end products are enhanced.

If the "made in China" to successfully achieve high-end medical equipment, policy support is essential. Wei, vice President of the Beijing university people's hospital, medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country main low-end market does not mean giving up the high-end market, however, high-end market represents the characteristics of intense technology, exquisite workmanship, which requires more loose development environment and abundant capital support. National policy can from fiscal subsidies, rich can give support for the enterprise financing channels, etc.

In shu-bin guo's view, the medical equipment is the trend of The Times. He said that localization way to select the right direction. For instance,

Suitable for the family of small breathing machine and a dialysis machine can go to development. To the development of advanced equipment, the commonly used equipment development. As to how long it will take to domestic medical equipment firm, depending on the state and enterprise investment, not just stay on "shout the slogan" stage.

Champ consulting medicine industry analysts pointed out that promote the development of medical devices industry belongs to the two sessions this year medical attention hot topic, along with the further construction of urbanization in the future, to change and adjust the original medical equipment configuration principle is an inevitable trend. In addition, the health ministry also said in the future on medical equipment procurement is leaning to the domestic medical instrument equipment. So, although the industrial concentration is higher and higher, the environment that does not decrease m&a boom, the domestic medical instrument enterprise is facing huge pressure, but the policy to gradually will also for the domestic enterprise further development provides a great opportunity.

A lot of medical equipment enterprises in our country, but generally small scale; Product concentration is high, profit margins and growth rate higher market share of products is school from this perspective, the technical advantage is still the key to seize market factors. So, breach the technical bulwark is the top priority of the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in China.

"High-end core technology enterprises in our country has not yet been fully grasp, is still in groping research and development stage, is related to restrict our software programming, materials processing method, precision manufacturing capability." Cai Tianzhi bluntly pointed out that the "bottleneck" of medical technology in China. As policy bias, countries will have a lot of money and effort to the healthcare industry, and technical barriers will gradually be breakthrough.

"Special funds should also be a lot of science and technology input, guiding part capable enterprises to participate in research and development and the follow-up work." Cai Tianzhi gave his advice in terms of research and development funding. He thinks, the domestic medical equipment and 5 ~ 10 years the way to go. Although domestic equipment cost-effective, lower prices, the profits is less accordingly, resulting in enterprises have no spare money into research and after-sales service.

In the aspect of medical equipment after-sales support, although our country enterprise overall did a good job, but there are still some enterprises in this surface needs to be strengthened. Beijing electric power hospital emergency physicians Xie Wenli told reporters that almost all the departments of purchasing foreign medical equipment. Talk about the reason, she said that although the hospital also want to purchase domestic equipment, but as a result of some enterprises in the aspect of after-sales service does not reach the designated position even inaction, make them lose hope.

Perhaps, only when most of the domestic enterprises can provide all-round medical solutions, domestic medical equipment can be on the platform to compete with foreign products.

Industry is generally believed that the policy support for domestic medical equipment, can from the following three aspects: first, the taxes. Used to protect health of the people's livelihood, a large number of imported foreign advanced equipment and lower tariffs, the future can be appropriately raise import tariffs. Second, must strengthen the management in procurement bidding, make excellent domestic product stand out. Third, the state should publish relevant policy, increase investment in new product research and development of medical industry and the support to the export of domestic equipment.

At present, there have been some domestic enterprises in improving application technology, process design, supply chain management, cost control, etc have certain ability, but compared with western developed countries, the domestic enterprise technology innovation foundation is weak, the enterprise in strengthening technological innovation, realize the transformation of self must be from a global industrial chain of processing and assembly link to the transformation of research and development and the design steps, elevate the status of on the global value chain.

Although at present most of the domestic medical equipment enterprises still lack of core technology and own brand, but if can use global innovation resources to plan as a whole, under the condition of the traditional production cost advantage weaken unceasingly, further adhere to independent to carry out the process flow, organization and management, business model, and other forms of innovation, can speed up the formation technology, brand, quality and service as the core of the comprehensive advantages.

High-end medical equipment onboard abroad under the serious situation of domestic, tree brand, idea, strong technology and policy support is the key to the success of medical equipment. Only when the domestic equipment have their own high-end brand effect, the core technology competitiveness as well as in the case of user medical idea gradually shift, domestic medical device can conveniently to break.