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Drug development and reform commission (NDRC) brewing a new version of the base price of proprietary Chinese medicine pricing will be delayed

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:18

The national drug trade fair last week, a review of experts to participate in the development and reform commission (NDRC) drug prices on the great wisdom, according to the price of drug review's focus is to adjust the new drug kinds of ceiling price.

"Development and reform commission (NDRC) is the price of the new medicine breeds a baseline, this is the most important thing at this stage, the original focus on proprietary Chinese medicine price, but now will delay the drug to the base price before you do." The experts said. He also judgment, because last year, the national development and reform commission has just completed the third round of chemical drug price adjustment, the new drug of drop should be moderate.

After the first edition in 2009 after the list of essential medicines was released in August, the national development and reform commission in October 2 is adjusted for varieties of price on the list. "This time also will adjust the price, but as a result of this catalogue published some suddenly, at the early stage of the development and reform commission (NDRC), the price is a baseline is not ready to cost, so can't release so quickly."

According to the development and reform commission, the original work plan, 2013 drug prices review focus on price for proprietary Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine price delay means that the drug into the new base of proprietary Chinese medicine varieties may only need to experience a price cut, rather than market expectations of twice the price.