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New vaccine needs of biological medicine scale will reach eight hundred billion in China

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:18

Chinese medicine business association executive director FuMingZhong has forecast at the 69th drug fairs, biological medicine industry is expected to form 600 billion to 800 billion yuan in the future market, its rapid growth by the need to bring segment.

First of all, the new vaccine market demand, improve the prevention and control of major infectious diseases prevention and control ability, can produce 100 billion yuan to 150 billion yuan scale vaccine market; Second, antibody and protein drugs such as biotech drugs market future can produce 300 billion yuan to 500 billion yuan; Major disease diagnosis and testing technology products will shape the market 50 billion yuan; Individualized therapeutic drug is expected to form a 100 billion yuan market; Regeneration medical technology market, such as lack of organs, can form at least 50 billion yuan scale regeneration treatment and rehabilitation of the market.

China's pharmaceutical industry information center, chief analyst at jian-ying zhu said that from 2012 medical market of the small molecule in the industry, biological products industry is the most profitable sector in the pharmaceutical industry. Biological pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in 2012 sales income 177.543 billion yuan, rose 18.84%; 23.013 billion yuan of total profit, increased 14.3% year-on-year.