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If the limit sulfur dioxide residue Chinese medicine yinpian enterprise purchase cost will increase

Browse the number: Date:2014-12-19 11:19

"The first time we got the news, the company is meeting the sulfur dioxide residue problem." Sichuan yinpian co., LTD., vice general manager of the new lotus da-yong zhang said. The reporter understands from national pharmacopoeia committee, the committee compiled "Chinese pharmacopoeia" 2010 version of the second an expanded foreign issued on June. The supplement for the social from all walks of life is the most concerned problems in the process of Chinese herbal medicine raw abuse, excessive use of sulfur fumigation, limit the Chinese medicinal materials and yinpian sulfur dioxide residue, to have a significant impact on traditional Chinese medicine industry, may improve the domestic Chinese medicine yinpian enterprise procurement cost.



Sulfite remainder shall not be more than 150 mg/kg


According to national pharmacopoeia committee chief scientist money righteous, with reference to the world health organization (WHO), the UN's food and agriculture organization (FAO), international codex alimentarius commission (CAC) and standards of using food additives and other related regulations in our country, according to China's food and drug verification research institute and research units of more than two thousand batch of sample testing and monitoring data, the expert committee of research for many times, to underwrite the sulfur dioxide residue limits.

In accordance with the relevant provisions, Chinese herbal medicine and yinpian (except for mineral sources of traditional Chinese medicine) in sulfite remainder (sulfur dioxide) to have 150 mg/kg. And yam, twotooth achyranthes root, kudzu, radix asparagi, rhizoma gastrodiae, radix trichosanthis, white, and radix paeoniae alba, atractylodes, dangshen, etc. 10 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials and yinpian sulfite remainder (sulfur dioxide) to have 400 m g/kg.

"Considering the yam, twotooth achyranthes root, kudzu, radix asparagi, rhizoma gastrodiae, radix trichosanthis, white and radix paeoniae alba, atractylodes, dangshen, etc. 10 kinds of fresh herbs to the particularity of texture, the dry very difficult in the process of origin, the perishable insect, with reference to A O and WH O F food additives formulated by common standards, making great set limit to 400 m g/kg." Money righteous told reporters that the two limited after two consultation, which issued recently, had a lot of enterprises and industry associations.

According to money righteous, national drug standards is along with the development of the national science and technology and progress, improve the level of economic development, constantly meet the national drug regulatory and public security needs and dynamic development. Chinese herbal medicine and yinpian sulfur dioxide residue limit standard in the second an expanded promulgated after the implementation of "Chinese pharmacopoeia", national pharmacopoeia committee will also according to the situation of the implementation of the standards constantly improve.

Excessive sulfur fumigation medicine may lead to potential risks

"In terms of the current situation of Chinese origin in raw, sulfur fumigation is still traditional conventional and simple and easy method in our country." College of Beijing university professor tu pf tells a reporter, sulfur fumigation Chinese herbal medicine on sulfur burning sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas generated directly kill pests, the inner inhibit the activity of the bacteria, mould, is a traditional and conventional method is simple, easy, right amount and specification of sulfur fumigation can achieve the goal of anticorrosion, insect.

, according to tu pf in the national Chinese medicine preparation, the handbook of traditional Chinese medicine "Chinese medicinal material goods", as well as the provinces (municipalities) traditional Chinese medicine and yinpian processing specification used in the industries such as the representation of the books and standard specification, for part of the traditional Chinese medicine using sulfur fumigation in origin in raw records, such as: the more yam starch, radix puerariae, radix paeoniae alba, such as traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, conducive to dry, prevent Browning and mildew; Of hippocampus and other breeds insect pests and qualitative change animal medicinal materials, can prolong the shelf life, etc.

Sulfur is used as food additive has long history, the earliest record is used for the disinfection of the wine in Roman times. At present, the sulfur has application in the food industry, mostly as a preservative and antioxidant, such as manufacturing smoked sulfur when dried fruit, dried fruit, etc.

According to the (original) of the ministry of health released in April 2011, the standards of using food additives, sulphur fumigation has used in the food industry, and sulfite kind material also can be used as protective agent, antioxidant are added to the part of the food and beverage.

Reported that sulfur fumigation in the food industry for anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, cool water dried fruit, candied fruit, dried vegetables, the surface treatment of fresh edible fungi and algae, fans of starch, sugar processing. Sulfites class also can be used as protective agent, antioxidant are added to the part of the food and beverage, such as adding in wine, can in the protection of natural fruit characteristics and prevent wine aging.

"But the misuse or overuse will affect the quality of Chinese medicinal materials and yinpian, forbidden by the state for the purpose of bleached appearance of sulfur fumigation." Tu pf, points out that although the experiments show that without sulfur fumigation of radix paeoniae alba and after sulphur fumigated the decoction of radix paeoniae alba extract on the drug toxicology studies showed no obvious toxicity, but sulfur fumigation Chinese medicinal materials may have potential impact to human body health.

Tu pf said, in the process of sulfur fumigation operations, sulfur burning sulfur dioxide generated after inhaled, easily absorbed by the wet mucosa surface generating sulfurous acid, eyes and respiratory tract mucous membrane has a strong stimulus. A large amount of inhaled can cause pulmonary edema, laryngeal edema, vocal cord spasms and cause suffocation.

Small workshops processing industry will be affected

"The" Chinese pharmacopoeia "qualified Chinese medicinal materials and yinpian sulfur dioxide residue will purify our country traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine yinpian industry." Money righteous said.

According to introducing, the basic situation of Chinese herbal medicine planting and producing area in raw mostly is given priority to with individual farmers, there are many, small, scattered, the characteristics of a lot of poor living conditions of Chinese medicinal materials, backward production mode. Emerged in recent years many non-standard or even illegal behaviors, misuse or overuse of sulfur fumigation, some influence to Chinese traditional medicine quality.

The personage inside course of study points out, the standard of sig pharmaceutical, new lotus, a famous domestic yinpian enterprise such as Cambridge yinpian, able to meet quality standards, but may increase the purchase cost of medicine. Da-yong zhang told reporters that sulfur dioxide residue standards is good news for standardized production enterprise, is to expand the market share. The sulfur smoked standard come on stage, it should be a blow of non-standard processing workshops, and may bring to Chinese herbal medicine market a new shuffle and consolidation.

But small workshops processing are more affected, because of no specification processing program control and standard test, its processing was not downstream enterprise procurement slices.

Sulfur dioxide residue limits standards mean that the individual farmers will be kicked out by Chinese traditional medicine? Money righteous made it clear that don't. Due to the particularity of Chinese growth, and although the country is to encourage the planting base of Chinese traditional medicine enterprise self-built G A P, but individual farmers this traditional form Chinese traditional medicine is not going to disappear, "evaluation standard to improve their production mode".

The reporter understands, at present there are some other drying technology, such as convection drying, radiation drying, vacuum drying, high voltage electric field drying, but because the cost is high, the processing capacity of equipment and technology requirements of higher limit, and the different medicinal herbs such as size, quality, efficacy composition is different, its corresponding to different drying methods and conditions of the applicable, numerous whether drying method is suitable for the kind of modern medicine, whether can cause sensitive active ingredients of medicinal materials change, remains to be in the study. National related departments are alternative technology research project. 1.3 billion yuan, increased 14.3% year-on-year.